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It often seems like some people have all the luck, good things just happen to them. But I guarantee you that somewhere along the way they spoke to someone or did something that got the ball rolling. They took an active role in what seemed to be happenstance. When things began to occur ‘behind the scenes,’ and they heard the good news of a promotion, received a clean bill of health from the doctor, or whatever the case may have been, we often assume they are just lucky.  

At least I used to feel that way. I used to think I was cursed, and that I would never have anything good, or that nothing would ever go right with my life. Looking back I can see how many times I had placed myself in the situations I was in; sometimes unknowingly because of the mentality I had. I wasted money knowing that I should’ve saved it, not thinking twice, and not planning or preparing for much of anything. I just did what I always did and I lived like I always lived. There are times we go through struggles because it’s life, and there are times we go through bad times because of the way we live our lives. And then there are things in our lives that we think are bad but in reality, they are opportunities that God allows in our life so we can change and grow.

As the saying goes, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Often, life ‘forces’ us to change and though it doesn’t seem like it, that’s a good thing! Even if the only thing we change about our situation is our reaction. Our reactions to situations can make a big difference in the outcomes of our lives. I used to think that if God specifically gave you a promise you just had to wait until it came to pass. But I realize now that if you want that big promotion at work, you have to work for it and show yourself not just worthy but capable. God gives us a promise and then allows things in our lives so that we can work toward that promise or correct things in our lives so we are capable of handling the promise. As I said before the ball will get rolling as we take the actions we need to take. 

Thankfully God is always faithful, whether we’re in a tough spot of our own doing, or it’s just life. God has a way of using every situation to mold and shape us. He takes what is available to Him and like a goldsmith that fires out impurities and hammers the gold into valuable shape, God changes us and makes us better and more capable. Even in the worst of trials, God has been faithful in my life. When it seems like everything is against me, God gives me strength. When all seems hopeless, God gives me hope. The process of becoming what you never thought you could become may lead you to places that you never thought you would be. Places that make you uncomfortable, frustrated, and sometimes even angry. But if you continue to seek God’s direction, do your part, and have faith in what He is doing, you will be amazed at the results in your life. Some changes may be small and seem insignificant, some may be huge. Take it all and give it all you’ve got. Don't just trust the process, but be a willing participant in the process. Not every change in life feels good or works the way we think it should, but the end result will be as refined gold. 


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