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When a caterpillar changes into a butterfly it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a process. At first, the caterpillar spends its life crawling around on branches and twigs, feeding off the surrounding leaves. Later, after change and development, it will become a beautiful butterfly and fly off to its new life. Once the caterpillar is inside the chrysalis, the phenomenal process begins with the releasing of enzymes that dissolve the caterpillar almost completely. There are special cells that survive and they begin to change and form the different parts of the butterfly. During this time, it's unknown if the caterpillar can feel pain, but scientists believe the chrysalis itself can sense or feel touch because it begins to move and shake when it’s touched or feels vibrations, which is believed to be a tactic to ward off predators.

When the whole process is done, the butterfly does not immediately fly away. The butterfly’s new wings are still getting ready for flight, after a few hours of preparation, it’s off. From then on the entire life and world of this new creature is completely different. The butterfly never returns to its old life, it no longer feeds off of its meager surroundings of the same old leaves, but rather it flies from one beautiful flower to another sipping its sweet delicious nectar.

I have shared some of the changes that have happened in my life, of healing, deliverance, and revelation. Which have resulted in beautiful experiences and changes both mentally and emotionally, as well as spiritually, and physically. Overcoming difficulties in life, and making lasting changes is a process that takes a willingness and determination to follow through whether it’s painful or not. It takes “dissolving” our former selves and like the butterfly, never returning to the old ways, but rather “shaking off” old habits, and old mindsets. It takes learning to stop feeding off of the negative and changing what we decide to “feed” ourselves. There are hundreds of self-help books out there, but none are as powerful, relatable, and sustainable as the word of God. Searching the scriptures and praying them over my life, has been one of the most substantial ways I have been able to change. The word of God is full of everything you will ever need. It’s not just instructions, but also words of hope, peace, truth, teaching, and examples to follow. Words that you can apply to your life, that you can live by, and that give you life-changing transformations like nothing else you have ever experienced.

The process for me was first understanding that something was amiss in my life, and actually wanting a change. Next I had to face my “demons,” (my faults, and my hurts). I needed to swallow my pride and admit my shortcomings, no matter the reason behind them, I had to change them. Then I looked for Bible scriptures that spoke to my needs, I read those scriptures and prayed the scriptures over me daily. I asked God to help me apply them to my life, and I actively sought God’s help and strength. Little by little I've become a different person. I’m doing different things than before, going different places, thinking differently, and making sure I’m no longer feeding off the old things of the past, instead I’m feeding my mind with the Word of God. Lastly, I ask God to show me things that I may not see in myself that need to be changed or improved and when He does I begin the process again. It is easier said than done, but know that if you sincerely want change in your life, and when everything else has failed, you can come to God, and lay your burdens at His feet and He will help and strengthen you. And when you come with a humble heart seeking His truth, He will guide you, teach you, and save you. Through the years, as I have enjoyed the sweet “nectar” of God's word, of His salvation and truth, I know that He is preparing me for the day when I will “fly.”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Isaiah 43:18-19

Philippians 4:8

Isaiah 41:10

Psalm 139:23-24

James 1:21

Psalm 25:9

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