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Lately, I’ve been thinking about something a college teacher mentioned in class about her dad. She said he frustrates her because he is filthy rich and takes his entire family, and grandchildren on extravagant vacations to other countries once a year because he wants them to know who they are and to have a rich person's mentality. She didn’t appreciate his way of thinking. I mentioned the opposite was just as bad if not worse, which is a poor person mentality that I struggled with. When faced with homelessness my first thought was of how I could make myself poorer so I could qualify for government help knowing I was in a place that I could not easily get out of financially. Thankfully as soon as the thought entered my mind I tossed it right back out again. I was determined that I would rather get a second job or work longer hours than lower myself that way. 

God has always brought me through. Not always the way I wanted or in the time frame I would have liked, but He has always brought me through things. Sometimes when God doesn’t come through for us the way we think He should we get disappointed or frustrated, and begin to have this ‘woe is me mentality.’  We fail to see and understand that God knows the beginning from the end, and His timing is perfect. We forget that He has our best interest in mind. Besides knowing when, He also knows how, what, and where He will answer our prayers. Don’t get me wrong, I have been frustrated and at times pretty stressed out about my situation. But as I navigate through this season in my life I can honestly say there have been some really good things that have happened as well. 

God has taken this opportunity to help me grow and change. He has answered prayers that I have been praying for a long time. He has opened doors and closed doors. And I have recently had the privilege of sharing my testimony with someone I love dearly. As I spoke about how much I trust God, and how He knows everything I need, as well as how we don’t always get what we want when we want it but God knows what He is doing and we have to just keep moving forward in faith as we wait on Him; I began realizing how much I have changed. While I was speaking I felt as if I was speaking faith into my loved one as I was also building my own faith even more. God will and is supplying all that I need. Because this is what I need right now and though it’s been tough,  I have faith and can rejoice in Him and in all that He is doing. He is molding and shaping me because I know He has great things for me. I am in a preparation process, a process that doesn’t always feel good but will always work out for the best in the end. When we think about God supplying what we need as the Bible says, we always think about food, shelter, clothing, money for our bills, or a good job. But what if what we need is to change? What if what we need is more faith or humility? God loves us enough to supply those needs as well. 

What if we need to learn to trust God more despite how things may look to us? It’s easy to accept what God supplies when it’s instant and it’s what we deem good. But we also need to be willing to accept the trials that build faith and trust. We need to submit to the changes and the shaping and molding even when it's not what we want or how we want it, and even if we have to ‘suffer' with a little discomfort. Sometimes we just need to be willing to move out of our old way of thinking and let God take the lead, as we take steps to change what we need to change and continue to move forward letting God do the work in us. I am taking the time to listen, focus, and do what God wants. I am making the changes I need to and realizing that it will take time. I am submitting to the process, and keeping in mind that I may not know all that I need, but He does. As this new year has recently begun, I am excitedly looking forward to all that God has for me as I continue to seek His will for my life.

1 Peter 5:10, Psalm 34:17-18

Jeremiah 29:1

Philippians 4:19, James 1:2-4

Romans 8:28

Proverbs 3:5-6

Do you feel you're in a bad season of life?
God desires we grow in every season

At times we think we need one thing but it turns out we need something else altogether. Let God help you with all your needs, even those you don't know you have, and trust Him to do what He knows is best for your life. 


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